Annoyingly thorough and nitpicky person needed to test stuff

Join Us!

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is seeking someone who will click on something for hours for the sheer pleasure of telling us us there’s something wrong with it. We’re looking for “100% completion” energy, “can’t ignore the 1 pixel height difference” energy, and “high-fives and hugs” energy. We believe QA stands for Qualitatively Awesome, but you can feel free to make up your own meaning.

Contact us: volunteer◎

The ideal candidate may have zero or more of the following:

  • Strong desire to read and follow instructions, and then tell us why they were bad.
  • Strong desire to systematically click buttons and tell us how they didn’t work.
  • Pedantry, but, like… helpful.
  • A belief that a world worth building is worth building right.

If you meet zero or more of the above criteria, we want to hear from you! Send an email to volunteer◎ and tell us who you are and how you might be able to contribute. And remember: wear ever you go their your.

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