This Page is an Abortion Card Info Sheet

Cut along the dotted lines and put two squares in your mouth every three hours.

So you have a Four Thieves Abortion Card, what do you do with it?

First off, if you don't need it now, do not break the seal of the mylar bag. The main vulnerability of Misoprostol is humidity. So, keep it sealed, and out of extreme heat or sunlight.

Once it's time to use it, tear the bag open, and scan the revealed QR code for safety. Then merely cut along the dotted lines, to break it into six small rectangles. Note the time, and place the first two, in the cheeks, as indicated, and wait an hour before discarding. Then, repeat with the second two squares three hours after the start of the process. Repeat again, six hours after the start of the process (i.e., three hours after the previous dose) with the last two squares.

There is no difference in dosage or regimen for people with different BMIs.

Some notes regarding Misoprostol:

It will safely and reliably induce strong uterine contractions to expel a pregnancy. It is a common medication found in midwifery supplies. Additionally it is over-the-counter in many countries; prescribed for ulcers. Its efficacy as an abortifacient was discovered by Brazilian feminists who looked for available medications which were contraindicated in pregnancy, and started experimenting. It is now a standard practice designated by most medical authorities worldwide, including the FDA, the European Medicines Agency, and the World Health Organization.

Standard regimen is to take Misoprostol with a dose of Mifepristone first; however, Misoprostol is about 85% effective alone. It is is usually effective within a matter of hours after first dose. It is effective to 13 weeks gestation, but is more effective the earlier it is administered. It is safer than Tylenol, and almost impossible to overdose on. This medication has been around since 1973, and has a wealth of data to support its safety and efficacy.

You can expect bleeding and tissue expulsion. Most people experience moderate to heavy bleeding for 1-2 hours after the pills “kick in”; thereafter bleeding should slow down to period-like bleeding rates. Most people will need to bear down to pass bigger clots. Additionally, most people will pass a good amount of tissue, though embryonic tissue is not always evident. Light bleeding may continue for 1-2 weeks. Cramping is another thing to be expected. Note these are not "side effects", or "off-target effects"; rather these are indications that the medications are working as intended. Most people will experience rhythmic cramping which is similar to menstruation or labor for childbirth. There is a wide spectrum of how much pain one may feel. Some very little, some a great deal. It should not be significantly more pain than a normal menstrual period for you. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These are all very common, and are not cause for concern.

As with any medication, there is the possibility of complications, which are worth keeping an eye out for, so that help can be sought if needed. Note that if you seek help, you can merely explain that you are pregnant, and you believe you are having a miscarriage, and need medical attention. There is NO WAY for anyone to determine if you took Misoprostol. Treatment for miscarriage complications and abortion complications are the same.

If you have excessive blood loss that will not slow or stop, it is cause for concern. Soaking 2 pads in one hour is a benchmark for bleeding being too much. If bleeding suddenly gets very heavy (especially if bright red) should command your attention. Bleeding should always progressively be getting lighter. Also you should not be passing clots the size of an apricot or larger, or have blood in your urine or stool. Infection is another thing to watch out for. This can be identified by uterine tenderness, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, and/or fever over 100 for over 24 hours. Any of the above should be cause for concern. Another thing to watch for is an incomplete process. In about 15% of cases, Misoprostol alone will not be enough to end and expel the products of conception. A follow-up method to complete the process may be necessary.

Here are some suggestions to help with the process: a hot bath can be extremely helpful in order to make the internal environment unfavourable for growth. You can also take 6000 mg of Vitamin C to help to affect hormones which can help with the process and also help decrease the risk of infection.

It is important to care for physical after-effects, emotional connection, and to continue to monitor for complications. The body needs rest, nourishment, love, and a watchful eye. Period-like bleeding and manageable cramping/pain is normal for 1-4 weeks following the process. Emotional and spiritual resolution or work will help, as will support, rest, hydration, and some loving care. It is good, if possible, to have a trusted associate with you or at least available via text in case of emergency.

There is no question that dealing with emotional connections and grounding are important to the process of healing, and are oft neglected. It is absolutely normal to feel a wide variety of emotions following this provision. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Take time, when possible, to feel your emotions fully, to make peace with them, or to move past them. For some, this is a highly personal process. Others may seek support from trusted friends and family, elders, clinicians, community members, or doulas. Anonymous talk lines may also provide additional support:

EXHALE ProVoice: 1-866-4-EXHALE (specific after-abortion talk line)
BACKLINE: 1-888-493-0092 (for a range of pregnancy options and outcomes)
FAITH ALOUD: 1-888-717-5010 (multi-faith clergy for spiritual acceptance and support following abortion care)

Special thanks to the special someone who wrote most of this, and has been a wonderful ally in the fight. <3
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